Brazil LIFT Producer Competition Winners & Finalists

Brazilian Specialty Coffee LIFT Producer Competition by Mercon Specialty

In August, we had the pleasure of hosting the first-ever Brazil LIFT Producer Competition. We extend our sincerest gratitude to all the talented producers who participated and presented us with their exceptional specialty coffee.

Insights from the competition:

260 registered samples of micro lots across all categories Natural, Pulped Natural, Semi Washed or Fully Washed, and Women-Produced Coffee.

90 LIFT producers entered the Brazil LIFT Competition across all categories.

45 finalists were selected across all 260 registered samples and 190 producers. The finalists' list of specialty coffees was then judged and analyzed to select the top winners.

3 1st place winners won a trip to SCA Chicago 2024!

Although it was no easy task, we finalized a list of winners for each category. The full list can be found below. We could only select a handful of micro-lots from that list to offer to our valued clients. While the top 3 in each category have already sold out, a few finalists remain available.

As only a few bags are available for each coffee listed, we encourage you to secure yours before they all go! Please contact your sales executive to reserve your exclusive, award-winning Brazilian coffee.

Finalist coffees available for purchase:

Natural Category: 

Marjorie Furtado Reis dos Santos Pereira - 2 bags available

Flavor Notes: Honey, yellow fruits, mango, orange, pineapple, apple, juicy body, citrus acidity and sweet aftertaste

Luiz Antônio da Paixão Neto - 3 bags available 

Flavor Notes: Complex, floral, brown sugar, sweet, yellow fruits, plum, apricot, cherry, meyer lemon, juicy body, pleasant citrus acidity and sweet aftertaste

Pulped Natural Category: 

Décio Bruxel - 5 bags available

Flavor notes: Caramel, honey, floral, yellow fruits, peach, creamy body, balanced citrus acidity and long sweet aftertaste

Luiz Antônio da Paixão Neto - 5 bags available

Flavor notes: Floral, honey, yellow fruits, sugarcane, orange jam, citric acidity, and sweet aftertaste

Women-Produced Coffee

Grasiela Maris de Souza Borges - 2 bags available 

Flavor Notes: Complex, floral, juicy, jasmine, hibiscus, yellow fruits, stone fruit, mango, apricot, gooseberry, honeysuckle, honey, creamy body and citric acidity

Maria Irene Nogueira Silva - 8 bags available

Flavor notes: Fruity, ripe berries, grape, wine, pineapple, orange, floral, hibiscus, intense citrus acidity, floral, medium body and good finish

Isabela Lima Reis - 13 bags available

Flavor notesRipe fruits, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit, mango, grape, complex, heavy body, well-balanced and sweet aftertaste

Reserve your bags before it's gone! Connect with us at or contact your sales executive directly. 

Brazil LIFT Competition Winners and Finalists