Coffee That Changes Lives

Building a better coffee world is a strong statement and as such, it comes with strong actions and initiatives that truly allow us to fulfill this purpose. Coffee should have a positive impact on everyone along the supply chain. From producers to roasters all the way to the consumer. Taking care of producers and their families is one of the many ways we can help develop coffee communities. However, we know there is much more to be done to make real changes and have long-lasting impacts in coffee communities around the world. That’s where Seeds for Progress comes in. Through their work and presence in Nicaragua and Guatemala, more than 5,800 children in coffee-growing communities can access high-quality education. We are proud to be part of their impact on students, teachers, and entire communities.

When we think about the importance of education we might first think of students. However, teachers have a great impact on a child’s life. We can all think of a teacher who shaped our lives as students and taught us something beyond math or science. Their work goes beyond the classroom, shaping futures as true changemakers in their communities.

lady and girl embracing

Sobeyda Olivas is part of a network of teachers who are committed to planting the seeds of knowledge and growing brighter futures for children in coffee communities. For Sobeyda, teaching is not only a calling but a lifelong dream.  “I always liked the idea of teaching. As a child, I played ‘Teacher’ with a cousin, and as we did not have dolls, we ‘taught classes’ to trees and sticks. I’ve always dreamed of having a classroom full of children”. Sobeyda has now fulfilled her dream and with the help of Seeds for Progress, she can have an even bigger impact on her students of Las Colinas School in Jinotega through the tools and learnings provided by the Foundation. “Teaching has changed my life, when a child learns to read you can see how the world opens to countless possibilities. My work as a teacher continues even when classes are over. It continues when I keep learning and finding new ways to teach children. Seeds for progress have supported my growth as a teacher”, says Sobeyda.

You have the power to change lives, one student, one teacher at a time. Register for free today to attend Seeds for Progress’ “Blooming Through Education” Virtual Gala on November 18 and support coffee communities and the people that thrive through coffee and education.