Get To Know Emily!

Get To Know Emily from Mercon Specialty

Emily’s love for coffee started as a love for the magical focusing powers of caffeine during finals week of her freshman year of college.  However, her love for green coffee and the coffee farm happened when she went to Costa Rica on her honeymoon with her husband. During the trip, the pair visited a small local coffee farm. What was supposed to be a one hour tour, turned in to 5 full hours walking through the fields and hanging out with the farmer.  Emily graduated from Oregon State University with degrees in History and Political Science, where she focused her studies on the history and politics of modern Africa.  She also studied international economics and geography, never quite knowing if these passions would ever become part of her career path.

After college, Emily worked in social services as a caseworker for teen youth in the foster care and mental health care systems. The job was rewarding, but also incredibly stressful and emotionally draining.  When it got to the point where she thought about a new career path, Emily knew it was time to go all-in on her love for coffee. She started at a drive-thru retail coffee stand.  Emily remembers the strange looks she got during her interview when the manager asked her “Why do you want to work in coffee?.” Emily responded “I want to eventually work with coffee farmers.” 

Over the next few years, Emily worked her way through retail coffee management.  She has led store openings, trained staff, and became one of the resident “coffee geeks” within the company.  She soon got into roasting coffee and took on roles in quality control, blend development, and green coffee buying.  Emily has also worked as a roasting educator at the Buckman Coffee Factory in Portland. 

Emily joined the Mercon Specialty team because of the amazing people who had been hired.  Many were long time colleagues and friends who she had the utmost faith and confidence in.  The best surprise over the last year has been getting to know the talented team at Mercon.  “Seeing how innovative and forward thinking Mercon is, and being a part of this company culture, has really been amazing,” says Emily. 

Today, Emily lives in the country southwest of Portland, Oregon with her husband and two young girls.  When not doing coffee related things, she enjoys trying new recipes from her collection of cookbooks and spending her early mornings out at “The Farm” Crossfit gym.