Get To Know Michelle!

Get To Know Michelle from Mercon Specialty

Michelle grew up in the coffee industry, starting her coffee career working during summer at a coffee mill in her native Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. Coming from a family with strong ties to coffee, she learned the passion for coffee from her father.

Since very young, her ambitions to be the best in the field made her work her way up to becoming the head of the Exports Department for a coffee exporting company in 2008 after graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Católica of Honduras.

After moving to the US to further her experience in the coffee industry, she worked in key positions that included importing coffee, logistics, trading, risk management and cupping. She is a licensed Q Grader and enjoys developing win-win relationships based on mutual trust.

Michelle currently resides in Texas with her two children, Charlie & Camila.  Michelle enjoys reading about a wide range of topics BUT science fiction and novels, loves to travel to coffee producing countries (who doesn’t, right?) to learn about coffee, discovering culture, food and traditions and making friends.

Her expertise resides in Honduran coffees because she grew up in Honduras working in the coffee industry, but she loves talking about coffee from any origin country in the world!