Get To Know Xilene!

Get To Know Xilene from Mercon Specialty


Xilene joined Mercon Coffee Group in 2021 to directly support the Specialty unit, and she has become a key player in our success. Her career in coffee and logistics began after her first visit to a coffee farm in Panama where she had the opportunity to experience the entire coffee process, from harvesting cherries, learning about post-processing, to cupping and roasting. She is passionate about listening to the stores behind the producers and supporting coffee growing communities. Her never-ending sense of purpose and admiration towards the people involved in this industry- from producer to roaster- inspires her to give her best each day in delivering customer service.

Xilene grew up in Peru where she obtained her MA in Business Administration, and now lives abroad. She is focused on a specialization in Digital Transformation, which will allow her to continue contributing to a coffee industry with better traceability, transparency, and ethical supply chain practices.