Her Story is Our Story: Benita Ki

As we continue celebrating Women’s Month, we honor women whose passion and dedication to coffee are part of the writing pen in our story of building a better coffee world.

Benita Ki continues to write her story in coffee. She founded Civic Roasters in 2018 with two of her friends in the hopes of empowering her community in Tacoma, Washington. Benita and Civic Roasters believe that coffee that is sourced ethically and sustainably inspires greater connections in her city. This strong vision started in her college days as a barista, where she learned to pull espresso shots and brew pour overs and since then she has learned more about the coffee industry and with that knowledge, her desire to see her community and city flourish, grew.

For Benita, building a better coffee world means educating people on what goes into their everyday cup, being an example of better coffee–literally–with ethical and sustainable sourcing and producing and this includes empowering women. “Having women in positions of power ensures equal wages and better protection for other women and other marginalized people groups. Women are laborers, producers, farm managers, sources, roasters, and more.” Benita and Civic Roasters have made it their mission to include women in their journey as they currently provide training and employment to formerly incarcerated women. “We want to build not only a better coffee world but a better world across the board, for all women, and for all people.”

Her vision, inspired by the connection of her city and surroundings, is becoming a reality. Benita’s impact is just beginning, and to be a paragraph in her story is a privilege. Benita’s story is our story.