How are we building a better coffee world?

How are we building a better coffee world from Mercon Specialty

“Coffee brings hope, connects hearts, and gives back. Coffee transforms.”

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do, and our commitment is deepened with each passing year. We are proud to communicate our efforts, achievements, and goals around our three pillars, People, Prosperity, and Planet for the 20-21 crop.

Read our Sustainability Report 20-21 here

This report continues to tell the story of our sustainability journey throughout this past year and what we have achieved as One Group One Team to fulfill our purpose and reach our goals. Despite the obstacles, we broke all barriers, innovated, and set a new standard for what is possible. Our Made in Mercon essence allowed us to achieve the best financial results in the last five years and leave an important mark on each of our sustainability pillars. This crop year we reinforced our support in strengthening our producers through more than 19,000 technical assistance visits and the placement of US$ 17 million in credits, we promote their growth objectives to produce in a sustainable way.

Supporting coffee producers is to support their communities, which is why, in alliance with the Seeds for Progress Foundation, we invested more than US$1.8 million to bring quality education to 6,000 students in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Access to education is essential for the creation of opportunities that improve the quality of life of our producers and their families.

During 20-21 we advanced in the identification of our internal environmental impacts and in the consolidation of metrics and indicators that will allow us to strengthen our environmental management system. We focused on operating responsibly, efficiently managing the consumption of natural resources, and mitigating carbon emissions in our operations. Likewise, through our LIFT platform and with the support of our producers, we continue to strengthen our efforts to mitigate sustainability risk factors and to protect Mother Earth, thus achieving the conservation of 7,037 water sources and 8,210 hectares of forest. Learn more about all our achievements and goals in sustainability in our 21-22 Report.

Read our Sustainability Report 20-21 here

“I am certain that we have a bright future ahead of us and as One Group, One Team, we will continue to create a circle of prosperity for all.”

Oscar Sevilla,
CEO Mercon Coffee Group

Behind all of our achievements, there is a committed team that has made them possible. We thank each and every one of you for your continued support in building a better coffee world.