Jolene’s Coffee Pick

Jolene’s Coffee Pick from Mercon Specialty
by Jolene Zehnder

St. Gertrudis from Ecuador is my coffee pick for this month.

The farm we purchased this coffee is from Hacienda Santa Gertrudis. The region of Loja is located in the Southern part of Ecuador, amongst the Ecuadorian Andes, on the border of the amazon. Farms in Loja are generally smaller than their northern counterparts, with harvesting areas averaging 2-3 hectares. Genetically, Loja is a powerhouse for specialty coffee in Ecuador and year after year most of the top ten coffees in our Taza Dorada competition come from this province.

St. Gertrudis Ecuador hands down has personally been my favorite coffee that we have purchased this year. I first tasted a sample of this coffee last year with our quality team and was blown away by the complex flavors this coffee offered. This Ecuador has plum notes, with citrus and floral notes. The Ecuador does not disappoint, and I could easily drink this coffee every morning to start my day. This coffee has also been a fan favorite to many of our roasters.