July Message

Craig in a cowboy hat

Dear friends, customers, colleagues, and coffee enthusiasts,

July marks the mid-point of the calendar year 2020 and the year is already filled with more news, impact, emotion, and circumstance than feels typical in a full 12 months.  There is great hope and optimism that businesses can consider or are re-opening in many jurisdictions with proper guidelines.  We also acknowledge and feel the caution of what phase or restriction is best for health and safety.  As we talk with all of you throughout the month we are in touch with the span of emotion, risk, optimism, and concerns while all looking for the best future ahead. 

I share these words from a mission statement from a Non-Profit organization that I was CEO and Board Member:

“We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive in an equitable and just world”.

We are actively involved in helping bring this to reality personally and as an organization.

Coffee has incredible power to connect humanity through the act of conversation and connection even with new distance or health and safety standards.  Coffee is like having a meal with family or a friend.  We see the businesses innovating to operate safely and create this feeling and provide the beverage or coffee to prepare at home that is a sense of peace and comfort. 

Cheers to all of you and we are so pleased to be in this business with you. We continue as a team to use technology to make personal connections and seek to be ready at your service for any business need or just a discussion!  As you navigate your own current or future state of operation we will be as innovative and flexible as possible to enable your enduring success.

Currently at Novus we remain fully operational and working from home. We have adjusted our operating, cupping, and sample procedures to align with COVID-19 safety precautions and all pre-shipments, arrivals, and offers are still being cupped and sent out.

We will provide the most current and up to date information. From origin to warehouse, we are tracking all COVID-19 updates and will keep you up to date with all changes that we hear.

We are in this together.