Kansas City Cupping

Our team hosted 3 cuppings to showcase our unique coffees, and featured a super interesting Skype video call conversation with Rolando Ramirez, our Honduras Country Manager, he shared information about the country and the struggles producers are going through and what we as a team are doing to help. 

Specifically, he talked about the LIFT program and how better farm management increases productivity and thus income, as well as how this crop 19/20 they are forecasting a decrease in production in the country of around 20% due to farmers not taking care of their farms because of the low prices.  This is quite worrisome because of the economic impact this will have in the country’s economy.  Coffee is a very important commodity in Honduras.

The conversation was live streamed through our Instagram novuscoffee.imports, follow us for more to come!

Big thanks to Kansas City, MO for being such a welcoming community!

Emily in Kansas City

cupping in Kansas City