Let's Raise a Cup to National Coffee Day

Mercon Specialty celebrates National Coffee Day by recognizing its significance beyond being a morning cup of coffee. Our appreciation for coffee extends to its global influence and the meaningful relationships it fosters. Come along with us as we delve deeper into the significance of this national holiday and explore what it truly represents to our community.

Honduran Coffee Producers National Coffee Day with Mercon Specialty

A Day to Honor and Celebrate Producers

Today is an occasion to honor the green coffee producers whose tireless dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment make it possible for us to enjoy the delicious coffee we have today. These producers strive relentlessly to grow coffee of the highest quality, investing in their knowledge of best agricultural practices, sustainable initiatives, and economical approaches. Their unrelenting efforts to build a better world for coffee production inspire them to provide their exceptional coffee to the world, positively impacting our daily lives.

Vietnam Producer and Mercon Specialty Sustainable LIFT Program

Promote Sustainable Initiatives

We believe that to continue to preserve the coffee industry, sustainable initiatives are crucial to continue seeing success in coffee-growing regions. LIFT, our sustainable production platform, provides valuable tools, training, and services to coffee farmers and communities. Every year, the platform facilitates training and technical assistance for new producers, focusing on productivity, environment, and social development. The movement, led by highly qualified Mercon agronomists, covers topics ranging from coffee plant physiology and nutrition to water resource management, pest control, and financial literacy. In addition, the LIFT program provides a suite of interconnected services, from plantation renovations to financing.

Moreover, LIFT utilizes digital platforms to monitor and train producers straight from the farm. The technical team uses tablets to capture and monitor each producer's progress, ensuring the platform's effectiveness and continuous support.

Mercon Specialty Coffee Cupping National Coffee Day

Investment in Knowledge

Collaborating with the Mercon Specialty team entails working alongside a cohort of distinguished industry professionals and experts. Our team comprises Licensed Q Graders, individuals serving on multiple coffee boards, active participants in coffee-related ventures, skilled roasters, trained baristas, and much more. Our team culture prides itself on thoroughly immersing team members in diverse training and educational resources that are necessary to achieve optimal performance and comprehension of the green coffee industry.

Moreover, our roots in origin provide us with unique opportunities to visit primary coffee regions and establish strong connections with producers and coffee communities. This immersive experience helps us to better understand coffee operations and processes, from growth to the finished product, expanding our knowledge base and enhancing the services we offer.

Seeds for Progress and Mercon Specialty National Coffee Day

Giving back to the Community

Through our strong relationships with the coffee producers and communities at the source, we view them as integral members of our team. As a result, we strive for their success and prosperity just as we do our own. Mercon Specialty supports and works in tandem with Seeds for Progress, an esteemed non-profit organization that fervently believes in bringing about a positive change in the lives of children in rural coffee communities of Central America through the power of quality education. 

Seeds for Progress facilitates education, health, and informational access for children in coffee-growing communities, paving the way for sustainable development. By encouraging active participation within their environment, this program contributes to the growth and prosperity of these communities. They are committed to promoting high-quality education while adhering to fundamental values such as self-determination, innovation, collaboration, integrity, and respect. As a result, Seeds for Progress is empowering the youth and building a brighter, more sustainable future.

We could go on about all the things this special day means to us, so we asked the Mercon Specialty team to describe what National Coffee Day meant to them in one word, watch what they had to say here.

Have a happily caffeinated National Coffee Day and hope you are extra thankful for your special cup today!