LIFT by Mercon Now BCC Equivalent 2nd Party

Mercon’s passion for promoting best practices in the growing, harvesting, and processing of coffee is second to none. We are proud to share that LIFT by Mercon is now recognized by the Global Coffee Platform as Baseline Coffee Code (BCC) equivalent 2nd party! This means LIFT by Mercon is now eligible for GCP Roaster & Retailer Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases!

The Baseline Coffee Code is a sector wide reference on the foundations of sustainability in economic, social and environmental dimensions for green coffee production and primary processing worldwide. It contributes to a common understanding of sustainability for public and private coffee stakeholders and NGOs, as well as to an aligned measuring and monitoring progress towards increased sustainable production and consumption of coffee.

We thank the entire team who worked tirelessly for this recognition. A total of 63 criteria for five of our origins were taken into consideration during the desk assessment process—from September 2021 to February 2022—which included 27 principles and 10 unacceptable practices on economic, social, and environmental sustainability dimensions and 26 operational system criteria.

Through LIFT we will continue with our commitment towards advancing sustainability in the coffee industry, creating a positive impact that extends beyond the individual farmers to their communities and to our roasters who can have the satisfaction of knowing they are buying coffee from a company that is deeply vested in social and environmental responsibility.

Little by little, day by day, building blocks are being methodically laid that lead to better processes, better lives, and ultimately, a better coffee world!