Honduras Alliances To Create Hurricane Relief Fund

Committed to promoting the well-being of the coffee growing regions of Honduras and in response to the devastating impact of hurricanes Eta and Iota, Mercon Grupo created a Disaster Relief Fund for the rehabilitation of roads, the implementation of which was carried out through Mercon Honduras for the direct benefit of 359 families.

Through the Hurricane Relief Fund initiative, more than 178 thousand dollars were raised to meet the urgent needs of various coffee growing regions in Honduras and Nicaragua. The funds for this project come from the alliance between the Mercon Group, its employees, roasters and partners.

“The devastation caused by these hurricanes extended to severe damage to infrastructure and roads, which disabled access to basic supplies, entry of people and output of product. For this reason, we decided to concentrate our efforts on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads to guarantee the well-being of the coffee-growing communities where we operate, as part of our purpose to build a better world for coffee, ”said Rolando Ramírez, Country Manager for Mercon Honduras.

One of the severely affected regions was San Manuel de Colohete, Lempira, for which the project has directed its efforts to support the communities of Caserío Suntulín, Buenos Aires, San Lucas Ciprés and San Isidro, with the rehabilitation of 10 kilometers of severely street damaged by hurricanes. which benefits 130 coffee producing families.

The project also had scope in San Marcos de Caiquín, Lempira, where improvement works were carried out in the streets, which included 8 kilometers of main road, which benefits 79 producer families who had been cut off after the natural phenomena.

muddy road with puddles in the wheel ruts

Benefits for all

In the El Merendon community, the street repair project was carried out from the exit of San Pedro Sula in La Primavera towards “Las Torres”. The repaired section was 13 kilometers long and the contribution has been estimated not only for producers who do business with the company, but also to all residents of the communities in the area, estimating that at least 150 families benefit from these works.

“At Mercon Honduras we believe in partnerships for the development and well-being of the communities, that is why initiatives such as the Hurricane Emergency Fund, come to strengthen our work in favor of the coffee-growing communities,” said Rolando Ramirez, Country Manager Mercon Honduras.