Mercon Specialty's Signature Specialty Green Coffees: The Flower Series

Our signature Flower Series features specialty coffee from regions we hold a strong presence, including Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. The Flower Series was named after native blooms unique to each country, like the special green coffee beans derived from these origins. We created this collection of exceptional foundational coffees so clients always have access to premium green coffee all year round.

Ipe Amarelo – Brazil

Mercon Specialty Green Coffee Collection: The Flower Series Ipe Amarelo

Ipe Amarelo is from the Cerrado Miniero, Minas Gerais region, cultivated by local LIFT producers at 1060 masl. This coffee is a Yellow Catuai variety with a natural process. This lot is from our LIFT sustainability program and is the first time the Cerrado Mineiro has been offered through LIFT. LIFT is working with a group of farmers in Araxa who are highly dedicated to high quality. We are helping them digitalize their farm management and continue to respect the highest environmental standards in terms of biodiversity preservation of the Atlantic Forest.

Flavor notes: Brown sugar, cocoa, peanut butter, honey, slight red currant with a heavy body.


Cattleya – Colombia

Mercon Specialty Green Coffee Collection: The Flower Series Cattleya

The cattleya orchid is Colombia's national flower, and we chose the name to represent the complex floral characteristics we are looking for in this coffee. Cattleya is a regional blend made with coffees from the Tequendama province of the Cundinamarca department and the Lengupá province of the Boyacá department, both located on the Eastern Andes mountain range, forming the Cundiboyacense plateau. This Cundiboyacense region is mountainous with altitudes ranging between 1100 to 4000 masl allowing them to cultivate green coffee varieties, including Colombia, Castillo, and Caturra, undergoing a washed process.

Flavor notes: Bright, complex acidity, citrus, grapefruit, floral, roasted nut, cocoa, good body, and a clean finish.


Ave de Paraiso – Guatemala

Mercon Specialty Green Coffee Collection: The Flower Series Ave De ParaisoOur Ave de Paraiso comes from a group of small coffee growers located in the central zone of Guatemala, grouping producers from 3 different departments due to its geographical location, which is made up of El Progreso, Jalapa, and Palencia. The farms sit between 1200-1900 masl, which grows the varieties in this coffee, Pacas, Sarchimore, and Catuai, which goes through a thoroughly washed process.

Flavor notes: Balanced dark chocolate, floral, apple, and citrus acidity with a juicy body.

Flor de Copan – Honduras

Mercon Specialty Green Coffee Collection: The Flower Series Flor De Copan

Erandique is a small municipality within the state of Lempira, with a population of 15,000 people primarily involved in the cultivation of coffee. All the coffee in Flor de Copan comes from members of the LIFT program. There are 85 smallholder members of the Lempira LIFT cluster. The farms are all around 1,500 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 71 degrees, growing lempira and Caturra. Caturra is a natural mutation of bourbon and has been cultivated for over 100 years. We developed Flor de Copan to show off the best of what a “classic” Honduran cup profile can be. Bright acidity, good acidity, and very balanced, Flor de Copan works well as a single origin or as a blender.

Flavor notes: Complex, orange, peach, floral, tropical fruit, cocoa, medium body, and a drying finish.


Plumeria – Nicaragua

Mercon Specialty Green Coffee Collection: The Flower Series Plumeria

Our Plumeria coffee comes from a group of producers we work with throughout the Matagalpa and Jinotega regions of Northern Nicaragua at altitudes of 1,175 – 1,400 meters above sea level. Farmers in this area grow a combination of Caturra, Catuai, Marseilles, and Catimor on small farms of 2-10 hectares.

Flavor notes: Classic Nicaragua, clean acidity, heavy body, chocolate, nutty, and light citrus.


Lotus Da Lat – Vietnam

Mercon Specialty Green Coffee Collection: The Flower Series Lotus Da Lat

Lotus Da Lat is from Cau Dat in the province of Da Lat in the central to the southeastern part of the country, where it grows significant amounts of great coffee. We are one of the only specialty importers sourcing this coffee and have quality controls over the entire process. Lotus Washed is grown at an altitude of 1400-1600 masl, and the region is characterized by year-round cool weather and volcanic soil. Coffee has been increasing in Cau Dat since the mid-1850s when the French introduced it. Vietnamese farmers have since cultivated it, and the region is known for being among the highest-quality arabica in the country. The coffee is picked ripe and pulped and separated in Colombian Penagos machinery, then fermented and washed with careful monitoring for quality.

Flavor notes: Clean medium acidity, peach and green apple, good body, and milk chocolate.

Our six signature specialty coffees can only be found at Mercon Specialty, offering roasters the perfect blends for any flavor profile! You can also explore our green coffee offerings and request a free sample.

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