Michelle’s Coffee Pick

Michelle’s Coffee Pick from Mercon Specialty

by Michelle Dunaway

Guatemala Finca El Morito

The coffee I have felt in love with this year is one of our latest arrivals from Central America.

Finca El Morito from a cluster of producers lead by Jose Monterroso located in Jalapa, Guatemala has surprised me this year.  I knew from last year it was an exceptional coffee, but this year has proven this coffee is a keeper and it is becoming one of our staples. 

map showing Jalapa

With chocolate notes, and absolute balance between acidity and sweetness, it is so pleasant and versatile you can enjoy it in with pretty much any brewing method you prefer and not be disappointed.  Personally I prefer brewing it with my Aeropress using 16 grams of coffee (20 grams if it’s Monday…)

 Finca El Morito is one of our LIFT coffees from Guatemala. LIFT is a program designed to increase yield and viability for coffees across our supply chain. It’s grown above 1400 masl and the farm has won the Cup of Excellence in 2013 & 2014.
This coffee just landed, don’t miss the opportunity to try it!