New Specialty Green Coffee Arrivals from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua

We are delighted to announce the fresh crop arrival of specialty green coffee from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Our Central American specialty green coffee has been carefully selected from top growers in various regions, making them a truly unique and delicious experience. We are confident that our customers will enjoy the flavor profiles of each of these beans, which have been carefully selected and processed to perfection.

Honuras Specialty Green Coffee

Guatemala Specialty Green Coffee:

Guatemala is well-known for producing some of the most exquisite coffees available worldwide. The country is home to several distinct coffee regions, each with its unique flavor profile, ranging from nutty and chocolatey to fruity and floral. Our latest arrivals include beans from farms in Huehuetenango and Antigua. These regions are known for producing some of Guatemala's most exceptional coffees, and we're thrilled to share them with you.

The Huehuetenango region is in the highlands of western Guatemala. It is home to our Huehuetenango LIFT Woman Produced Aldea Q'Om (GP) known for its altitude and unique microclimates, which help create some of the country's most complex and nuanced coffees. Our Huehuetenango coffee features a medium body with notes of tropical fruit, hibiscus, lemony and clean, complex, tart finish.

Our Genuine Antigua Entre Volcanoes SHB ML (GP) coffee comes from the Antigua region in southwestern Guatemala, where the beans are grown in rich volcanic soil and shade-grown at high elevations. The result is coffee with a medium-full body and notes of grapefruit, jasmine, and orange blossom. Overall, these Guatemala coffees represent some of the finest specialty coffees from the region, and we can't wait for you to try them.

Honduras Specialty Green Coffee:

We're excited to announce the arrival of specialty green coffee beans from Honduras, such as the San Andreas Lempira region. These beans were carefully handpicked and meticulously processed to preserve their unique flavor profiles.

Honduras's San Andreas Lempira region is known for its diverse coffee varietals, including Lempira, Ihcafe 90, and Catuai, which can be found in the Finca El Cachimbon Porfirio Lopez Natural LIFT ML (GP). These varietals have been cultivated at high altitudes, giving them a distinct taste and aroma that coffee enthusiasts will surely appreciate.

Honduras coffee beans are known for their fruity notes and subtle chocolate undertones, making them a favorite among specialty coffee lovers. The San Andreas Lempira coffee beans are no exception, with their flavor profile consisting of juicy citrus and sweet caramel. In addition to their exceptional flavor, the San Andreas Lempira coffee beans are ethically sourced from small, family-owned farms in Honduras. This ensures that the farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work and that the coffee beans are sustainably produced.

We can't wait for coffee lovers to try our Honduras coffee beans and experience the unique taste of the San Andreas Lempira region and more.

Nicaragua Specialty Green Coffee:

Lastly, our fresh crop arrivals from several regions in Nicaragua, including Jinotega and Matagalpa. These coffees' unique flavors and characteristics make them stand out from other specialty coffees.

Jinotega, Nicaragua, sits at 1,250 meters or higher above sea level. We have extremely high standards for cherry ripeness and quality, and we purchase the coffee directly from the producer at a high price, like our offering of La Virgen Estate ML "Guardabarranco" LIFT (GP). Once cherries are delivered, they are washed and slowly dried in our temperature and humidity-controlled drying facility for 28 days.

These Nicaraguan specialty coffees will make a great contribution to any roaster profile!

Check out the Central American Offer Sheet below for a full list of these fantastic specialty coffees. Some of these coffees are available now or will arrive this July and August.

Happy Coffee Shopping!

Central American Coffee Offer Sheet