November Market News & Arrivals

Mercon Specialty November Market News and Arrivals

What's Happening in the Market: 

October began with trading of the December (KCZ23) position at 146.2.  In the first week of October, the market dipped as low as 145.  From October 6-24, the market rose steadily to 168. This was proceeded by a one-day drop of 6 cents down to 162, followed immediately by three extremely volatile days.  On October 31, the market went up 8 cents, then the next day went back down 7 cents, followed by another 5-cent rally. 

Record low certified ICE inventory lots in Arabica and Robusta were bullish factors for the market. Low ICE inventories can be indicative of a tightening of supply.  At the beginning of the month, favorable weather conditions were a bearish factor for the market, pointing to an increase in supply for the next harvest.  However, by the beginning of November, weather reports in Brazil began to predict heat wave conditions (104F) that could potentially damage crops. 

Brazil is currently experiencing two conditions that are impacting coffee shipments. First, this year was the most significant harvest/production of sugar in Brazil, as much of the global supply has shifted to Brazilian sugar. This means there is a huge demand right now for containers, shipping space, and port congestion as Brazil tries to export record-level soy, corn, and sugar crops. Second, a drought in the Amazon has made moving freight between the southern and northern ports difficult, adding to the congestion.

These conditions currently impact the ability to secure shipping dates and vessels to move coffee out of the country. Shipping dates booked months ago are consistently being "rolled" over to new dates that may be 3-4 weeks out.

News & Arrivals:


Experience the exceptional taste of exclusive Brazil specialty coffees, including top-quality winners from the Brazil LIFT Producer Competition and highly sought-after micro lots. Mercon Coffee Group (Brazil) recently hosted its first-ever Brazil LIFT Producer Competition in August. This forward-thinking initiative aimed to motivate, support, and recognize the cultivation of specialty coffee among Mercon's Brazil LIFT producers.

Mercon Specialty is partnering with Three Key Coffees to host this exclusive morning of cupping of Brazilian Specialty Coffee.

Take advantage of this opportunity to cup these exclusive coffees first-hand!


The Small Box Program is now available online, including FREE shipping! This program prioritizes our clients by making specialty green coffee accessible to roasters of all sizes. With this new product size, roasters can confidently invest in our offerings without the pressure of overcommitting.

The Small Box Program is excellent for adding to a blend, creating an exclusive single origin, exploring new coffees, or just needing 20 lbs.! 

All boxes are 20 lbs. and come sealed in a 2-mil gusseted Polybag to line the inside of the box. Securing your beloved green coffee until it arrives.

FREE online shipping on all boxes, all the time. Give a box a try on your next purchase!


The Mercon Specialty office will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23rd, and re-open on Friday, November 24th. 
Our warehouse partners will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd, and Friday, November 24th.

To make sure your orders are received quickly due to the holiday, please place orders by noon on Tuesday, November 21st. 

We appreciate your understanding, and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


This year, Neil Oney, the Green Coffee Quality Manager at Mercon Specialty, had the privilege of attending the Coffee Roaster's Guild Retreat and hosting a workshop on "The Green Coffee Lifespan." Discover more about his enlightening experience and access his informative presentation below.

The Green Coffee Lifespan is a “seed-to-seed” presentation with something to learn for every skill level. The reality is that all roasters, at one point or another, will come across aged coffee, and this course aims to give students an understanding of what aged coffee is and resources on how to approach it differently. Students will leave with a sense of what physical changes occur to green coffee over time and how age impacts flavor and taste.

Neil's Holiday Blend Picks:

Neil Oney, Green Coffee Quality Manager, is providing expert recommendations for this month on the ideal specialty green coffees to include in your holiday blends. With flavor notes ranging from fruitcake to hot toddy, these coffees are an excellent foundation for a perfect holiday cup.

Matagalpa Red Cherry Project Esmeralda Community Natural LIFT

Flavor notes: Complex ripe tropical fruit, pineapple, nectarine, papaya, kiwi, grape, chocolate, juicy, bright, and dynamic

This specialty green coffee option will add fruity notes to your holiday coffee blend. The perfect addition to accentuate the fruity flavors reminiscent of fruitcake during the holidays.

Indonesia Sumatra Aceh Organic Gr1 TP

Flavor notes: Heavy body, distinct baking spice and green pepper, herbal and complex

This specialty green coffee option will add spice notes to your holiday coffee blend. Adding the Sumatra Aceh evokes the warmth of hot spiced cider or hot toddies.

Brazil Ipe Amarelo Cerrado Mineiro LIFT

Flavor notes: Brown sugar, cocoa, peanut butter, honey, slight red currant, heavy body

This specialty green coffee option will add chocolate notes to your holiday coffee blend. The Ipe Amarelo will fulfill your dreams of a sweet, rich, and chocolatey coffee.

Guatemala Ave de Paraiso SHB EP LIFT

Flavor notes: Balanced dark chocolate, floral, apple and citrus acidity, juicy body

This specialty green coffee option will add chocolate notes to your holiday coffee blend. The Ave de Paraiso is another option to fulfill the craving for a rich, chocolatey holiday blend.

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