Perfect Daily Grind: The Rise of Ecommerce in the Coffee Industry

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Between 2014 and 2021, global ecommerce sales grew by over 269%. According to Statista, by 2027, the global ecommerce market will be worth almost US $7.4 billion.⁠

This figure has more than likely increased because of the Covid-19 pandemic, too. A recent study from the Pew Research Centre found that 90% of US citizens said the internet was “essential” for them during the pandemic.⁠

As a result, the coffee industry has also shifted online. It’s becoming increasingly important for producers, traders, and roasters to develop an online presence to effectively market and sell their coffees through ecommerce platforms.⁠

Jolene Zehnder explains how automation is advantageous for both producers and traders.⁠

“Ecommerce allows us to trade with smaller roasters,” she says. “If a roaster wants to buy one bag or one container, it equals the same amount of transaction time. If we can automate the process, we can actually sell coffee to more customers across the board.”⁠

To learn more about the rise of ecommerce in coffee visit the link below to see what Jolene Zehnder, Director of Sales and Operations and Craig Russell, Managing Director/President, and Matthew Berk, CEO of Bean Box have to say.

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