September Market News & Arrivals

Mercon Specialty September Market News and Arrivals

What's happening in the market: 

August began with trading of the December (KCZ23) position at 164.  The first half of the month saw the market steadily decline from 164 to a low of 148.  After hitting 148, the market bounced back to the range of 150-154, where it remained for the rest of the month.  Tight coffee supplies continue to be a bullish factor for both Arabica and Robusta markets. At the end of August, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) reported that global coffee exports from October-July were down 5.7%, over last year.  Another bullish factor for the coffee supply is the dry conditions accompanying an El Nino year. An El Nino year typically comes with drying conditions through Central and South America (on the northern Atlantic side). Dry conditions can be expected to harm yield for coffee harvest.

El Nino conditions also impact global transportation, as ships stack up with delays awaiting passage through the Panama Canal. Typically a very wet country, historically dry conditions in Panama mean that the canal does not have enough water to operate at its standard capacity. Ships trying to cross the canal are experiencing delays of up to 17 days. In addition to global shipping challenges, roasters are also experiencing domestic overland shipping challenges after the closure of trucking line Yellow Corp, which was announced on August 1.  Yellow was one of the nation’s most significant “less than truckload” (LTL) shipping companies.  In August, the shipping giant filed for bankruptcy and laid off 30,000 truckers.  As other trucking lines have worked to pick up the additional freight, many customers have been left with delays and higher rates.


Neil Oney and Emily Smith Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat

Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat with Neil and Emily

The highly anticipated Coffee Roaster's Guild Retreat is only three weeks away! For those who will be in attendance, take advantage of the opportunity to learn from two of Mercon Specialty's distinguished professionals - Neil Oney, Green Coffee Quality Manager, and Emily Smith, Sales Executive. Neil will lead a workshop titled "The Green Coffee Lifespan," while Emily will instruct attendees on "Introduction to the C-Market." These informative sessions are not to be missed!

Join us at Buckman Coffee Factory for a Cupping Event

Mercon Specialty invites all Portland-based roasters to attend a cupping event at Buckman Coffee Factory, led by the passionate Emily Smith. This session promises an afternoon filled with delectable coffee and opportunities to connect with other coffee enthusiasts. Furthermore, Emily will discuss an exciting new free shipping program for roasters affiliated with Buckman Coffee Factory. Take advantage of this exciting event!

Thursday, September 21st @ 2:30-3:30 p.m. 

Buckman Coffee Factory: 1105 SE Main St, Portland, OR 97214

Mercon Specialty National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day Is Around the Corner!

As National Coffee Day approaches on September 29th, we are thrilled to announce exclusive discounts available to our coffee members. These special offers will only be accessible to those who create an account, enabling them to unlock pricing and make online purchases.

In addition to our discount promotion, during October, we will highlight the significance of National Coffee Day to the Mercon Specialty team. We will discuss various aspects of the coffee industry that we are enthusiastic about celebrating, from producers to giving back to the coffee community. We encourage you to stay connected and follow us closely to ensure you get all our exceptional discounts and informative content!

Mercon Specialty Holiday Green Coffee Blend Guide

Mercon Specialty's Guide to the Perfect Holiday Blend

During the holiday season, coffee companies experience a surge in customer demand as people indulge in festive drinks, purchase new and exciting coffee blends, and share their love of coffee with their nearest and dearest. This period presents a significant opportunity for companies to increase their sales and expand their reach but also poses significant challenges that must be addressed with skillful execution. To make the most of this bustling time, consider these tips for crafting the perfect holiday blend and driving your business forward. Read the guide here!

Neil's Monthly Picks

Green Coffee Quality Manager Neil Oney is sharing his recommendations, and this month, fresh-crop Guatemalan coffees are top of the list!
Finca Los Conejos Extended Fermentation

We are so excited about this new arrival from Los Conejos!  Anaerobic fermentation utilizes large, sealed vats, preventing airborne bacteria from contributing to the fermentation process and resulting in a distinctly more fruit-forward cup profile. This small micro-lot is fermented partially anaerobically, with little exposure to oxygen, for 120 hours, leading to a complex and dynamic cup with tropical fruits, orange blossom florals, and candy-like sweetness.

Cubulco Tres Cruces SHB

This Guatemalan fresh crop arrival is from Diego Ceferino Ruiz's farm. Having been in the coffee industry for years, Diego Ruiz and his brother, Providencio, have journeyed through various coffee regions in Guatemala, starting as pickers and gradually making their way up. It was in 2018 when Diego came across an opportunity to purchase land in Aldea Tres Cruces, Cubulco, close to their home, and to his surprise, discovered the presence of coffee trees. Growing this bright, floral, complex, citric, malic, peach, milk chocolate coffee we love.

Finca El Molino Double Fermentation ML

This coffee lot is exceptional, having undergone a double fermentation wash process. During the first fermentation stage, the cherries are allowed to rest in sealed plastic bags in a chilled warehouse for 40 hours after being picked, imparting a distinct character to the end product. After the initial fermentation, the coffee beans are pulped and transferred to fermentation tanks for 16 hours. The final step involves taking the washed coffee to patios, where it dries for 15 days. This meticulous process results in a unique cup profile that is truly remarkable.

Seeds for Progress Foundation

Support Seeds for Progress -- Agents of Change in Coffee Communities

Seeds for Progress is a non-profit organization committed to transforming the lives of children through quality education in coffee communities within Central America. Their work complements the generational handover of knowledge and know-how. Local teams help facilitate skill development and create opportunities for improvement.  Some of your proceeds can go towards this fantastic cause by purchasing coffee from us. 

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