#SheisCoffee: Jill Killien

Jill Killen is the owner of Cloud City Coffee in Seattle. For 20+ years she has worked hard to make Cloud City the business it is today. 

#SheisCoffee: Jill Killien, Cloud City Coffee from Mercon Specialty

Jill has known coffee since her childhood and it’s even one of her earliest memories as a child. One of my earliest memories is of drinking coffee. “I attended a daycare that gave the kids coffee to drink (mostly milk and sugar I think) and we would crash and take a nap! I never stopped drinking it!"

#SheisCoffee: Jill Killien from Mercon Specialty

Jill believes that coffee should have a positive impact everyone in the supply chain, especially producers. "Building a better coffee world means equity to me. For specialty coffee, disentangling the product from Wall Street and paying fair prices. It also means finding and paying women to produce and work in coffee. Women tend to reinvest their money better, whether it be in schools, other lines of income, or infrastructure. "

“I love the relationships I’ve made through coffee. Here, across the US, and in coffee producing countries,” says Jill. “I’ve learned how hard people work at origin, and I don’t want to take that for granted.” 

Her favorite cups are small cups of black batch brewed or hand brewed coffee. We are proud to partner with strong women and roasters who share our values and our mission to build a better coffee world.

Jill is #Strong, #SheisCoffee.