#SheisCoffee: Keri Elliot

Keri Elliot is the proud owner of Elliot & Murrey Coffee in Hillsboro, Oregon. Her love for coffee began as an act of rebellion when she was a teenager, but it wasn’t just a phase and by the age of 18 she landed her first job in the coffee industry. She began to learn more about coffee and how it was made. Now, Keri has made her love for coffee into a successful business. She is proud of all she has accomplished so far and the obstacles she has overcame. “Being a new coffee roasting company, surviving the pandemic and being able to keep my doors open, meet new people has been my proudest moment. I’m grateful for my current and new customers for coming in and supporting me as a local coffee roaster.”  

For Keri, giving back to her community is an import aspect of the way she runs her business. “I am proud of helping out the community through The Equitable Giving Circle here in Portland by donating coffee for BIPOC families and in September of 2020 I opened my roastery as a donation center for people in the community to donate items to families affected by the Oregon Wildfires.” Giving back for her also means supporting farmers at origin and highlighting their stories through coffee in hopes that consumers will also understand how coffee is made and the hard work it takes to bring a cup of coffee to the end consumer. “Building a better coffee world is education. As I have studied about how farmers work so hard to produce this amazing drink, we enjoy each morning, it is a duty as a roaster to help educate consumers and the importance of why climate change makes an impact on our farmers and how programs for education & sustainability are so important.  

We are proud to partner with roasters like Keri that care so deeply about coffee growing communities as well as her own community. Because of roasters like her, we are able to build a better coffee world. 

Keri is #Strong, #SheisCoffee 

This story is part of the #SheIsCoffee series in partnership with Mercon Coffee Group. Join us all month of March as we recognize strong and resilient women making a difference in coffee communities.