This Is How We Are Building A Better Coffee World

Building a better coffee world is a strong statement and as such, it has become our purpose. By definition, the word “build” refers to the process of constructing or making something stronger. For us, building a better coffee world means to construct a new (better) way of doing things by developing initiatives that have a stronger, more positive impact in the coffee world.  

In celebration of Earth Month this April, we want to share some of the initiatives we have put in place to protect the environment and its natural resources – because there is no building a better coffee world without protecting nature’s treasures.

Climate action:
We developed a study with the University and Research Center of Wageningen to calculate our greenhouse gas emissions in our facilities in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, and Vietnam. This work allowed us to identify the main sources of our emissions to determine concrete actions for its reduction and set decrease goals for our carbon footprint!

Environmental Management:
As part of the LIFT curricula, we are training producers on waste and water management. This includes the reduction of water use and repurposing coffee waste. Per our LIFT index, on the 19/20 crop year, our LIFT producers significantly improved their performance regarding environmental practices reaching a remarkable 76.9% (7.7% higher than the previous year). 

For the past decade, our efforts in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua have been directed towards bringing back to life a severely deforested area by introducing the production of Robusta coffee, a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product. As a result of the production of Robusta, we have been able to reforest 7.19 hectares (equivalent to 20,599 trees) in our own farms: San Jose, La Esperancita and San Antonio.