Get To Know Helena!

Helena was born and raised in New Orleans, a city renowned for its culinary flavor and coffee history. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Environmental Economics and Management, Helena entered the coffee industry with a 9-month intensive training program working in 3 different origin operations (Colombia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica). During this time Helena worked her way through the coffee supply chain starting at farm level, through wet and dry mill processing and up to export.

Back in the US, Helena worked for a specialty coffee importer for a couple of years before finding herself back in origin. For the past four years she worked in both sales and sustainability efforts for Costa Rica’s largest coffee exporter. Helena is passionate about all things related to coffee but is particularly passionate about producer focused sustainability efforts and helping roasters tell the story. Helena is a proud dual citizen of both the US and Costa Rica and she “habla español!”

Helena is now based in her hometown of New Orleans with her husband and two cats. During her off-time Helena is usually an avid traveler and nature hiker, but during the constraints of Covid quarantine she has discovered a passion for cooking and gardening.