#SheisCoffee: Emily Smith

#SheisCoffee: Emily Smith

Emily’s love for coffee started as a love for the magical focusing powers of caffeine during finals week of her freshman year of college. Her love for coffee only grew as the years went by. She joined the Mercon specialty team, just as we began operation. When she first started working for Mercon Specialty, it was really important for her to highlight coffees produced by women. “It was incredibly important to me that we support and highlight a female producer supply chain.  Today, it is a major priority for Mercon Specialty to strengthen the female producer supply chain by highlighting the work of female producers, providing market access, and helping to foster lasting relationships with roasting partners.”  

Meet Emily She is #Coffee

Emily is passionate about coffee but she is even more passionate about the people in the supply chain. “We all love coffee, but we have to keep focused on the future of our industry in order to ensure its survival and success.  One of the things I find most inspiring about Mercon is the focus on the future and success of the coffee supply chain.  To me, each time a customer makes a purchase with us, they partner with us in making that vision of sustainability a reality.  There are many options when looking to make a coffee purchase, it inspires me to see so many roasters who share the commitment to Mercon values.” Empowering women is also something that Emily strives to do through her work. “I believe that women bring important perspectives, abilities, and dimensions to the coffee industry.  As we look forward to the challenges of climate change, social justice, and human rights, I think that the voices and opinions of women are essential to solving these complicated problems.” Emily continues to work toward a more inclusive as well as opening opportunities for women through the supply chain. 

Emily is #Strong, #SheisCoffee

This story is part of the #SheIsCoffee series in partnership with Mercon Coffee Group. Join us all month of March as we recognize strong and resilient women making a difference in coffee communities.