Sumatra Lintong TP


Sumatra Lintong TP

Sumatra Lintong TP

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Farm / Cluster

Local Producers


1300-1600 masl


Wet Hulled


Sigararutang, Jember Lini S795, Andungsari

Flavor Notes

Medium body, cumin spice, basil, roasted green pepper, complex acidity and aroma

The story behind
the coffee

Lintong lies Southwest of Lake Toba, on a plateau rich in biodiversity. Most farms in this region are small, and interplanted with other sustenance crops, with coffee lots for export being made up of local producers from the whole area.

We have had a long relationship with the mill in Lintong. Everything on the farm is done by hand, from picking to pulping to the Lintong signature triple picking process. The coffee is wet hulled, meaning it is pulped, then stored in bags overnight and further dried on patios for 2-3 days, which gives them a rich blue-green hue. It is then hulled, removing the parchment and dried the rest of the way.

Sumatra Lintong TP