Santa Ana Estate - Women Owned LIFT


Santa Ana Estate - Women Owned LIFT

Santa Ana Estate - Women Owned LIFT

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La Fundadora, Matagalpa

Farm / Cluster

Aidalila Zeledon


1320 masl


Washed & Sundried


Marsella, Catimor, Parainema, Java

Flavor Notes

Bright lemon and floral, sweet honey, good body

The story behind
the coffee

Coffee is a cherished family legacy for Aidalila Zeledón and now for her son, Denis — who is learning the family trade. Her farm, Santa Ana has been in the family for over 100 years. Santa Ana sits on over 100 hectares of land of which 90 hectares produce coffee.

After the passing of her father in the year 2000, Aidalila decided to purchase the property from her brothers and dedicate her life to coffee. The family tradition that led Aidalila to coffee farming has shaped the way she cares for her crops. Since taking over the farm, she has successfully invested in mills, storage, and improving living conditions for her 32 permanent workers.

Her extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to learn and continuously improve have allowed her to duplicate her volumes, and in 2021 it earned her a spot among the top 10 best coffees at the national contest, Taza de la Excelencia.

"It hasn’t always been easy. Harvesting coffee takes time, care, and a true commitment, but when there is a will, there is a way."

Santa Ana Estate - Women Owned LIFT