Expocaccer “Sergio Ricardo Barbosa”


Expocaccer “Sergio Ricardo Barbosa”

Expocaccer “Sergio Ricardo Barbosa”

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Cerrado Mineiro

Farm / Cluster

Sergio Ricardo Barbosa


980 masl




Catuai Amarelo

Flavor Notes

Complex florals and citrus, strawberry, peach, sweet brown sugar finish

The story behind
the coffee

Sergio Ricardo Barbosa says he began his coffee career at birth, as his father and grandfather started their coffee farm in the Cerrado Mineiro region in 1981, and he began learning the trade at a young age. Since them he has learned all there is to learn about growing coffee and is now the manager of the Joia Rara farm within his father’s DBARBOSA group.

Sergio Ricardo Barbosa is part of the Expocaccer coffee cooperative, which represents more than 650 small and medium coffee producers in Cerrado Mineiro. In 2017 they started their quality auction with the Expocaccer Treasures. Mercon Specialty is happy to have the opportunity to continue to support the producers of this region with excellent microlots through this program.

This lot, placing 4th in the Expocaccer Treasures auction, comes from Fazenda ParaÍso Chapadão, a 35 hectare farm in Cerrado Mineiro at an altitude of 980m. This small lot of catuai amarelo, was selected through picking the densest cherries upon floating. Then they were left to dry one night, and on the second day they were piled up resulting in slight fermentation, much like a volcano. After drying 12 days they were collected in a bag and allowed to rest in the shade of a Jatoba tree for 30 days before being processed and prepared for the contest.

Expocaccer “Sergio Ricardo Barbosa”

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