Flor de Copan SHG Fancy EP


Flor de Copan SHG Fancy EP

Flor de Copan SHG Fancy EP

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Erandique, Lempira

Farm / Cluster

Small Producers


1500 masl




Lempira, Caturra

Flavor Notes

Complex, orange, peach, floral, tropical fruit, cocoa, medium body, drying finish

The story behind
the coffee

Erandique is a small municipality within the state of Lempira, with a population of 15,000 people primarily involved in the cultivation of coffee. All the coffee in Flor de Copan comes from members of the LIFT program, which is a five-year sustainability program designed to increase crop yield and coffee quality at the producer level.

There are 85 smallholder members of the Lempira LIFT cluster. The farms are all around 1,500 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 71 degrees, growing lempira and caturra. Caturra is a natural mutation of bourbon and has been cultivated for over 100 years. Lempira is newer. It was developed in Honduras with the aim of fighting diseases like rust and coffee berry borer, and is based originally on catimor, while providing excellent cup quality.

We developed Flor de Copan to show off the best of what a “classic” Honduran cup profile can be. Bright acidity, good acidity, and very balanced, Flor de Copan works well as a single origin or as a blender.

Flor de Copan SHG Fancy EP