Cerrado “Jorge Fernando Naimeg” Semi Washed


Cerrado “Jorge Fernando Naimeg” Semi Washed

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Cerrado Mineiro

Farm / Cluster

Jorge Fernando Naimeg


1090 masl


Semi Washed


MGS Paraiso

Flavor Notes

Complex citric and malic acidity, sweet, herbal, red fruit, heavy juicy body

The story behind the coffee

The result of a remarkable trajectory of entrepreneurship, started in 1965, NAIMEG GROUP is a 100% family organization dedicated to the production of high quality coffees to the most demanding markets around the world.

The history began with the patriarch Gerson Naimeg, the son of German immigrants, and his wife Hercilia Mafra. They started their first coffee plantations in the northern region of Paraná in 1965. In 1981, after having the crops hit by three devastating frosts, they looked for new borders. Thus, Gerson Naimeg decided to migrate to the Cerrado Mineiro region. In the Cerrado Mineiro Region, where the production of coffee presents its great diversity, the Naimeg Group cultivates its uniqueness. It is from the inherited talent of our Patriarch that we produce in the heart of the best terroirs, our excellence and from the union of our family that we seek the strength to grow and to undertake. Today, the couple's six children remain united, preserving the history and legacy of more than 50 years.

Cerrado “Jorge Fernando Naimeg” Semi Washed