Júlio M S Júnior “Fermented in the Box” LIFT


Júlio M S Júnior “Fermented in the Box” LIFT

Júlio M S Júnior “Fermented in the Box” LIFT

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The story behind the coffee

The son of a farmer, Julio Martins da Silva inherited a passion for cultivation from his father, Mr. Agenor Martins, a pioneering figure in the 60s. From that time, his family's interest in the process of growing coffee has only intensified and strived to constantly innovate and refine their production methods. Now, Julio’s whole family contributes to their coffee-producing enterprise, making it their main source of income while always aiming to gain more knowledge about cultivating on mountainous terrain.

Much of the harvest is done through semi-mechanization with manual machines, yet they pay particular attention to small trees and pluck their beans entirely by hand. Julio says whenever thinks of his father's tales of how they used to harvest beans with nothing, but a bamboo net tied around their waists, he can't help but be in awe of the immense progress he has made, having a tractor and static drier machine to enhance the quality of the coffees produced in his two farms: São João and São Domingos.

They approach every stage of production with a great deal of love and care, believing that their coffees should be imbued with a delicious flavor, capable of captivating customers from many countries. Julio’s family firmly believes that the quality of the product is the result of attentiveness during the entire process, with the added benefit of being sustainable and conserving both water sources and forests. Julio takes pride in living a simple life and following his dreams, he enjoys working with coffees grown in high altitudes, which provide exceptional flavor to all consumers.

Julio is thankful for the opportunity to become a coffee producer, knowing that each day he is contributing to something much bigger.

Júlio M S Júnior “Fermented in the Box” LIFT