Julia Goncalves Reis Natural Women’s 4th Place


Julia Goncalves Reis Natural Women’s 4th Place

Julia Goncalves Reis Natural Women’s 4th Place

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South of Minas

Farm / Cluster

Julia Goncalves Reis - Barreiro Farm




Yellow Bourbon

Flavor Notes

Very fruity, complex ripe tropical fruit, winey, heavy body, papaya and kiwi

The story behind the coffee

The Lima Reis family has been tending to their century-old farm, cultivating specialty coffees since 1923. Their dedication and passion for coffee is deeply rooted in their family legacy. Produced at 1050 masl of altitude in Nepomuceno city in the South of Minas Gerais, it features varieties such as Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Catucaí, Arara, Mundo Novo, Red and Yellow Catuaí.

This Yellow Bourbon microlot went through a natural fermentation process in the static box, where 95% of these cherries were ripe, after fermentation it was dried for 3 days on the patio and the drying process was completed in the rotary dryer.

The coffee has been kept on the farm, continually seeing investments and improvements to technology. Julia Goncalves Reis is the niece of Isabela and Antônio Lima Reis, cousin of Gabriela Reis. As a family they help manage the farms which have been in their family for generations. Sustainability plays an integral role in the high-quality flavors that this coffee has to offer.

Julia Goncalves Reis Natural Women’s 4th Place