Wilson Soares 2nd Place Natural


Wilson Soares 2nd Place Natural

Wilson Soares 2nd Place Natural

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South of Minas

Farm / Cluster

Wilson Soares - Santa Marta Farm


1150 masl




Red Catuai

Flavor Notes

Very nice, very complex, floral, citrus, balanced and delicate acidity

The story behind the coffee

Wilson Soares has been cultivating eucalyptus for some time, but eventually came to the realization that the Santa Marta farm located in the municipality of Vargem Bonita, in Minas Gerais, could produce great specialty coffee. With 30 hectares in total, six of which were dedicated to cultivating the Catucaí and Catuaí varieties at 1150 masl. Wilson had a deep desire to learn more about specialty coffee and invested in not only the farm, but his knowledge by taking courses to gain a deeper understanding of specialty coffee.

This year, Wilson was among the finalists of the 30th Minasul contest, competing in the Natural category, and showcasing his award-winning Red Catuai microlot made with a natural process. To ensure optimal ripeness, the cherries were harvested manually, pre-dried on the patio and then in a dryer until reaching 11% moisture. His achievement marks a monumental step in Wilson's coffee production journey.

Wilson Soares 2nd Place Natural