Finca Los Conejos Extended Fermentation


Finca Los Conejos Extended Fermentation

Finca Los Conejos Extended Fermentation

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Santa Rosa de Lima, Santa Rosa

Flavor Notes

Juicy, complex acidity, kiwi, tropical fruit, citrus, floral, candy-like sweetness

The story behind the coffee

Finca Los Conejos, named after the pet rabbits the family farm had when the owners were children, is not only a very memorable name, they are also dedicated to producing fantastic coffee. That is especially true with this lot, which is produced via anaerobic fermentation.

Anaerobic fermentation utilizes large, sealed vats which prevent any airborne bacteria from contributing to the fermentation process and results in a distinctly more fruit-forward cup profile. This small microlot is fermented partially-anaerobically, with little exposure to oxygen, over a period of 120 hours, leading to a complex and dynamic cup with tropical fruits, orange blossom florals and candy-like sweetness.

The farm is located in the town of Santa Rosa de Lima in the Santa Rosa department, just a short distance from Guatemala City. Santa Rosa is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in the country, starting coffee cultivation as early as the 1850’s. Dotted with volcanos throughout the region, the remnants of previous eruptions have created rich volcanic soils perfect for coffee production.

Finca Los Conejos Extended Fermentation