Gaitania Tolima EQ Excelso EP


Gaitania Tolima EQ Excelso EP

Gaitania Tolima EQ Excelso EP

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Gaitania, Tolima

Farm / Cluster

Local Producers


1600-2200 masl




Castillo, Colombia

Flavor Notes

Bright and clean, almond, orange, honey, floral, delicate body

The story behind Gaitania Tolima EQ Excelso EP

Gaitania is in the southern portion of the Tolima Department, bordering Huila and Cauca, in the foothills of the Northern Andes. The Gaitania area is dominated by the Huila volcano, which is the 4th tallest mountain in Colombia and is topped by a glacier.

This is a regional coffee, meaning it comes from farmers throughout the region and is selected for its exceptional quality. Most of the farms in the region are small; they average less than four hectares apiece. This is typical of Colombia, where most farms are tiny and are run primarily by the family with a few hired hands for harvest. This coffee is fully washed and grown at an altitude of 1600-2200 masl in fertile volcanic soil. It is then sun-dried on parabolic beds. Which leads to a cup with notes of herbs, fresh fruit, and black tea.

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Gaitania Tolima EQ Excelso EP

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