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Roasters + packaging equipment

Our selection of roasters caters to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether they require large-scale roasting or a compact sample roaster, we have a variety of sizes to choose from. In addition to our range of equipment, we offer our roaster members exclusive access to packaging equipment and storage lockers for a complete roasting solution.

10-20 lb roaster

Probat P12

book roaster

6-25 lb roaster

San Franciscan SF25

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San Franciscan SF10

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Sample Roasters

Probatino 1kg Sample Roaster

Capable of roasting 500-1000g at a time, the Probatino is a great solution for smaller batch coffees and for creating roast profiles to easily convert to the larger roasters. Can integrate with your computer to track roasts and roast curves.

San Franciscan SF1

Our double drum Coffee Pro has proven to be a great sample and lab roaster, with the ability to roast up to 100-gram batches, each drum comes with individual
ignition, air, flame and thermostat control. If you have a lot of samples to get through, this is the roaster for you.


iQ-1E Net Scale


Continuous Band Sealer MPS6500

Green Coffee Storage

Packaging Storage