Coffee's Role in Honduras

Over 80% of the land in Honduras is covered in mountains, making their rich, volcanic soil and high-altitudes perfect for growing coffee.

Honduras is the fifth largest producer of coffee by volume and a mainstay in the specialty coffee world, producing over 5.5 million 60 kg bags a year. Over the past few years, the Honduras Coffee Institute stepped up to show the world the country’s full potential, investing a significant amount in improving both the quality of the coffee and the industry as a whole.

Regions & Cup Profile

Honduras’ coffees have exceptional potential with outstanding profiles. From the floral complexity of the southwest region of Marcala to the bright acidity of the southeast region of El Paraiso, the flavors have a large range of delicious possibilities.

Harvest Period

November – March

Annual Productivity

5.5 million bags

Genetic Varieties

Caturra, Catuai, Pacas, Typica, Lempira, Sarchimor, IHCAFE 90

Growing Regions

Copan, Marcala-Montecillos, Opalca, Agalta Tropical, Comayagua, El Paraiso