Dama da Noite ML


Dama da Noite ML

Dama da Noite ML

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South if Minas

Farm / Cluster

Sebastião Aluísio de Sales


1300 masl





Flavor Notes

Cocoa, dried fruit, citrus, almond, medium body, clean, sweet finish

The story behind the coffee

The Cedro farm was acquired on September 16, 1983 by Edward Rodrigues de Oliveira, Father-in-law of the current owner Sebastião Aluísio de Sales, who at that time managed the farm and began to plant the first crops on the property. In 1997 Sebastião buys the farm together with his partner Eduardo Moraes Ferreira, in addition to two more properties to make up Fazenda do Cedro (Fazenda Conquest, 1999; and Fazenda Água Limpa, 1998). Today the three properties are managed by Sebastião, his wife Karla and their three children, Rodrigo Gabriel and Gustavo who think quality and high productivity are fundamental factors to overcome the challenge of producing mountain coffee.

Fazenda do Cedro is in the south of Minas Gerais, more precisely in a Mountainous region of Ilicínea, popularly known as Chapadão, border with the Serra da Boa Esperança state park. The tastiest and most aromatic coffee beans are produced in higher regions, a fact that makes the Cedro farm Special, with an altitude that varies from 1200 to 1400 meters, almost all farm lots have a score that considers gourmet farm coffee. The altitude of the farm, microclimate of the region and processes of excellence and improvement in harvest and post-harvest results in a differentiated coffee many times was recognized in quality contests and especially in the cup.

Dama da Noite ML