Expocaccer Linda Paula Alves


Expocaccer Linda Paula Alves

Expocaccer Linda Paula Alves

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Cerrado Mineiro

Farm / Cluster

Fazenda Lider


950 masl




Mundo Novo

Flavor Notes

Complex ripe red fruit, raspberry, tropical fruit, floral, sweet finish

The story behind the coffee

Linda Paula Moreno, owner of Fazenda Lider in Cerrado Mineiro, began her love of coffee production through her husband’s family, traditional coffee growers in the region. After diving into the profession, she and her husband worked to elevate the quality throughout their farm, winning multiple awards both with Expocaccer and throughout the Cerrado Mineiro region.

Linda Paula Moreno is part of the Expocaccer coffee cooperative, which represents more than 650 small and medium coffee producers in Cerrado Mineiro. In 2017 they started their quality auction with the Expocaccer Treasures. Mercon Specialty is happy to have the opportunity to continue to support the producers of this region with excellent microlots through this program.

This lot, placing 7th in the Expocaccer Treasures auction, is of the Mundo Novo variety and was manually harvested, unlike most coffees in the region. This allowed them to selectively pick only the ripe cherries and ensure a better finished product. The lot is a natural process, slowly drying the cherries for several days while piling it up overnight to maintain the fermentation process. While still with relatively moisture, the coffee was placed in big bags for 15 days to give a little more ripe fruit fermentation to the cup. Finally, it was returned to the patio to dry the rest of the way before being hulled and rested for another month in preparation for the competition.

Expocaccer Linda Paula Alves