Luiz Paixão Natural ML


Luiz Paixão Natural ML

Luiz Paixão Natural ML

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Matas de Minas

Farm / Cluster

Luis Paixao - Bom Sucesso Farm


1250 masl




Red Catucai

Flavor Notes

Complex and interesting, floral, bright, tropical fruit, green apple, pineapple, juicy body, lingering sweet finish

The story behind the coffee

For more than 30 years, coffee production in Matas de Minas has been handed down through generations. In 2005, they began to seek knowledge with the purpose of crafting exceptional specialty coffees. Matas de Minas sits at 1,250 masl on 10 hectares, with a 2-hectare preservation area. Coffee processes include natural, pulped natural and honey.

In 2016, the Bom Sucesso farm, received an esteemed international award at the Cup of Excellence. This recognition was a catalyst for transformation in their approach to specialty coffees. By 2018, through the introduction of new methods and technologies for post-harvest control, the farm shifted its focus. Luiz Paixaio is in the 3rd generation of the family and is now more motivated than ever to continue the work of cultivating coffee with the aim of bringing their product to an even wider audience. In 2019, Luiz’s coffee was a finalist in two competitions - Coffee Of The Year and the Florada Premiada contest, the latter being a celebration of coffee and properties managed by women - with our matriarch as a finalist of the best national coffees.

January 2020 brought the unexpected loss of the family matriarch – ultimately their foundation. In the wake of her death, the family decided to honor her memory and spread their love for coffee to the world.

Luiz Paixão Natural ML