Brazilian Expocaccer Danilo Barbosa Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty


Expocaccer Danilo Barbosa

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Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais

Farm / Cluster

Danilo Barbosa


980 masl




Catuai Vermelho

Flavor Notes

Floral, bright and clean, phosphoric, malic, citric, heavy body and floral finish

The story behind Expocaccer Danilo Barbosa

Danilo Barbosa and his sons Marcelo and Sergion represent the 4th and 5th generation of coffee farmers in the family since they began growing coffee in 1930. It was Danilo’s father, Jairo Barbos, however, who saw the potential of making coffee the family business. Since then, Danilo has built upon this family by taking good care of his employees, many of whom have been working with him for more than 20 years.

Danilo Barbosa is part of the Expocaccer coffee cooperative, which represents more than 650 small and medium coffee producers in Cerrado Mineiro. In 2017 they started their quality auction with the Expocaccer Treasures. Mercon Specialty is happy to have the opportunity to continue to support the producers of this region with excellent microlots through this program.

This lot, placing 1st place in the Expocaccer Treasures auction, comes from Danilo’s Fazenda Sucuri. The farm, at an altitude of 980m is approximately 35-hectares in size. This winning lot, of Catuai Vermelho, was initially identified through the high percentage of sugar, or brix, detected in the ripe cherries. After floating the cherries to remove any imperfections, the coffee was dried on patios over a period of 18 days, in the afternoons they were piled up and covered with tarps to even out the drying. After drying they were rested for 40 days in the granary before being processed and delivered to the Expocaccer competition.

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Brazilian Expocaccer Danilo Barbosa Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

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