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Favo de Mel ML

Favo de Mel ML

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Chapadas de Minas

Farm / Cluster

Mariana Meirelles


980 masl





Flavor Notes

Milk chocolate, bright clean citrus and malic acidity, medium body

The story behind the coffee

Mariana and Claudio Gutierrez left the financial market in Rio de Janeiro to pursue their passion for producing high-quality coffee. They partnered with Claudio's father and purchased a property in Capelinha city, where they now reside with their family. Today, in addition to coffee, they also operate a small dairy and cultivate eucalyptus.

The Tahiti Farm, spanning 500 hectares, has prioritized environmental sustainability by dedicating half of its land to native forest. The coffee trees are interspersed with the forests, which helps to reduce the incidence of pests and diseases, ultimately decreasing the need for insecticides. The farm also employs a composting process to reuse all waste produced, including coffee straw, cattle manure, and ash from the dryer, to nourish the coffee trees. Employee well-being and the preservation of the environment are the farm's primary values, with many employees having worked there for over 20 years.

Favo de Mel ML