Antioquia Medellin Excelso EP


Antioquia Medellin Excelso EP

Antioquia Medellin Excelso EP

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Farm / Cluster

Local Producers


1200 masl




Castillo, Caturra

Flavor Notes

Bright acidity, notes of chocolate, floral, malic acid and peach

The story behind the coffee

Trujillo is a town located in the Northwest part of valle de Cauca, a department of Colombia in the western side of the country abutting the Pacific Ocean. The department is divided into four zones. The East and West are both humid jungle, and the center, including the Cauca river where Trujillo is found. The area surrounding Trujillo is some of the most fertile in all of Colombia.

Our Excelso EP is grown at around 1,260 masl, and is 100% Castillo. Castillo is a Colombian variety released in 2005 with the goal of resisting rust while maintaining quality and production levels.

We have found this coffee to be complex with a good body, and a juicy, fruity acidity and a nice finish.

Antioquia Medellin Excelso EP