Narino Excelso EP


Narino Excelso EP

Narino Excelso EP

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Farm / Cluster

Local Producers


1800 masl




Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

Flavor Notes

Round mild acidity, good body, good sweetness

The story behind the coffee

Colombia is the world's 3rd largest coffee-growing country producing approximately 11-13 million 60kg bags per year. The average farm’s size is quite small at 1-5 hectares.

The State of Nariño is in Southern Colombia. Coffee is grown by small-scale farmers surrounding the active Galeras volcano, on slopes whose elevation often rises to 1800 masl. The rich volcanic soil and a unique microclimate contribute to the special nature of Nariño coffee. The mountainous region borders Ecuador and has an ideal mixture of rain and sunshine.

Nariño Excelso Coffee is produced using the washed process and grown with arabica, caturra & typica varieties. In the cup, Nariño coffee has a silky body, milk chocolate notes, with roasted walnuts and balanced acidity.

Narino Excelso EP