Yirgacheffe Gedeb Gr2 Washed


Yirgacheffe Gedeb Gr2 Washed

Yirgacheffe Gedeb Gr2 Washed

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Gedeb, Yirgacheffe

Farm / Cluster

200 Smallholder Farmers


1800-2200 masl




Heirloom Varieties

Flavor Notes

Floral and black tea, lemon, orange, bright and crisp

The story behind the coffee

Ethiopia is the origin of all coffee, and as such grows wild in the coffee growing regions there. Unlike in other coffee growing countries, which have one, or very few, coffee varieties on a farm, in Ethiopia it is far more varied. For this reason, most coffee labels list “heirloom” for their variety.

The Aynalem Kupo coffee processing site is named after the owner of the station, Aynalem Kupo, and supports 200 smallholder farms surrounding Bareda kebele (Bareda town) in Gedeb. The farms in this area grow coffee at elevations of 1800-2200 meters above sea level and deliver ripe cherry to the washing station.

When it comes to grades, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Ethiopian coffees are considered specialty. The difference between the two is primarily defect count, with a higher expectation for quality from Grade 1. This lot is a Grade 2, meaning it can have between 4 and 13 secondary defects per 350g sample, but it stood out on the cupping table for the exceptional quality, cupping better than any of the Grade 1 samples we received this year.

Yirgacheffe Gedeb Gr2 Washed