Ethiopia Sidamo Gr1 Washed Small Box

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Ethiopia Sidamo Gr1 Washed Small Box

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Farm / Cluster

Local Producers


1800-1850 masl


Fully Washed



Flavor Notes

Bright and crisp, mint, peach, apple, lemon, floral, medium body, lingering minty lemon

The story behind Sidamo Gr1 Washed Chirri

Sidamo is south of Addis Ababa and shares a border with Guji. Until very recently, Sidamo was a sub-region of Guji but was formed into its administrative state in 2020. Sidamo is the largest coffee-growing region in Ethiopia and is well-known throughout the world for the quality of its coffee.

Coffee originated in Ethiopia and grows wildly in the coffee-growing regions there. Unlike in other coffee-growing countries, which have one or very few coffee varieties on a farm, it is far more varied in Ethiopia. Therefore, most coffee labels say “heirloom varieties.” Ethiopian coffee farms are generally extremely small, the vast majority less than 3.5 hectares, and thus do not produce immense quantities of coffee. So, they band together into cooperatives or other groups and operate washing stations.

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Ethiopia Sidamo Gr1 Washed Small Box

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