Ave de Paraiso SHB EP LIFT


Ave de Paraiso SHB EP LIFT

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El Progresso, Jalapa, Palencia

Farm / Cluster

Smallholder Farms


1200-1900 masl


Fully Washed


Pacas, Sarchimore, Catuai

Flavor Notes

Balanced dark chocolate, floral, apple and citrus acidity, juicy body

The story behind the coffee

Our exclusive Signature Flower Series features specialty coffee from regions we hold a strong presence in which include Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. Each coffee in the Flower Series was developed to showcase the classic and distinct cup profile of the origin country, just as beautiful and unique as the native blooms they are named after. This collection of exceptional coffees can only be found at Mercon Specialty, always offering our clients classic premium green coffee, consistent all year round.

Our Ave del Paraiso comes from a group of small coffee growers located in the central zone of Guatemala, grouping producers from 3 different departments due to its geographical location, which are made up of El Progreso, Jalapa and Palencia.

All the coffee in Ave de Paraiso comes from members of the LIFT program, which is a three-year sustainability program designed to increase crop yield and coffee quality at the producer level. There are 156 small producers in this LIFT group. Through the LIFT programs they have found a considerable increase in production and quality. They are also RFA and UTZ certified, increasing the overall sustainability of the group.

Ave de Paraiso SHB EP LIFT