Finca La Cuesta Bernardina Sanchez ML LIFT


Finca La Cuesta Bernardina Sanchez ML LIFT

Finca La Cuesta Bernardina Sanchez ML LIFT

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Guatincara, Lempira

Farm / Cluster

Bernardina Sanchez Finca La Cuesta Del Yargual


1550 masl




Lempira, Ihcafe 90, Yellow Catuai

Flavor Notes

Bright, complex citrus, floral and peach notes, heavy body, lingering sweet and fruit finish

The story behind the coffee

Finca La Cuesta Del Yargual is owned by Bernardina Sanchez. She is one of the 80 farmers participating in our Lempira cluster of LIFT. This cluster’s 2019/2020 harvest marks the completion of their first year in the five-year program, and progress is already evident. Though the farm is very small at just three hectares, Dona Bernardina produces about 87 69kg bags of Lempira, IHCAFE 90, and yellow Catuai varieties.

Guatincara is a village near the municipality of Erandique in Lempira, near the border with El Salvador. The farm is between 1,550 – 1,600 meters above sea level. With an average rainfall of 1,100 mm, and an average temperature of 71F, the climate is ideal for the high-quality coffee we expect from this region. This coffee is fully washed. The red cherries are floated before pulping to separate imperfect coffees. The passing coffees are then pulped and undergo natural fermentation in tanks for 12 hours before being sun dried on patios. We found a juicy acidity with tropical fruit, honey, and a lemony bright acidity, with a lingering sweet and floral aftertaste.

Finca La Cuesta Bernardina Sanchez ML LIFT