Karatina AA ML


Kenyan Karatina AA ML Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

Karatina AA ML

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Farm / Cluster

Smallholder Farmers


1650 masl




Ruiru 11, SL-28, Batian

Flavor Notes

Delicate complex floral acidity, citrus, tropical fruit, very bright and interesting

The story behind Karatina AA ML

Karatina is a washing station in Nyeri, Central Kenya. This district is renowned as one of the finest growing regions in the country. Karatina is owned by the Barichu Cooperative, which operates three other washing stations: Karindundu, Gatomboya, and Gatuiri. Founded in 1957, the Karatina factory processes coffee from about 1000 Coop members, most of whom are smallholder farmers with small plots.

Kenya has two crops: main crop and fly crop. The main crop is harvested from the month of September to December while the fly (early) crop is harvested from the month of May to July every year. This blend is from the main crop. Rainfall is reliable, falling in two seasons, one from early March to May (the long rains) and a second during the fall.

Harvesting is carried out by careful hand selection when the coffee cherries are perfectly ripe and are delivered to the farmers' wet mills the very same day. The pulping, fermentation, and washing process is closely supervised before the parchment is moved to the drying tables for slow sun drying on African beds. In the cup, this coffee possesses complex floral notes and is well-balanced between grapefruit-like citrus and lemon candy.

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Kenyan Karatina AA ML Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

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