Moanti Gr A ML

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinean Moanti Gr A ML Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

Moanti Gr A ML

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Eastern Highlands

Farm / Cluster

Local Producers


1130-2390 masl




Typica, Arusha, Bourbon

Flavor Notes

Orange and jasmine, clean and sweet, juicy body, lingering sweet finish

The story behind Moanti Gr A ML

The Moanti AX is in a remote area of Papua New Guinea in the Henganofi District of the Eastern Highlands Province. The area is on either side of a valley with the Doti Wara River running through the middle. This creates a rich sandy loam soil, which provides great nutrients for coffee trees.

Moanti gets its name through the local supplier, Mrs. Moanti Ise. She has established a robust buying network throughout the region named the Dunattina. She has established multiple buying points and small warehouses throughout the district and has been supplying high quality coffee to our exporting partner, Monpi, since 2012.

Most coffee farmers in Papua New Guinea are smallholders with one or less hectares. Farm work is done by the family, hand-picking only ripe cherries, using hand eco-pulpers, and sun-drying the parchment before it is collected and brought to Moanti’s buying points. The coffee is then trucked to the Moanti dry mill and processed before being sold on to the exporter as green coffee.

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Papua New Guinean Moanti Gr A ML Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

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