Virgin Mountain Gr A/X

Papua New Guinea

Virgin Mountain Gr A/X

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Arona and Yonki Valley

Farm / Cluster

Smallholder Producers


1850-1900 masl




Arusha, Blue Mountain

Flavor Notes

Floral, balanced, juicy body, candied citrus, complex lingering finish

The story behind Virgin Mountain Gr A/X

Virgin mountain coffee comes from the moutain ranges across the Tairora area, streching into the Arona and Yonki valley and the Bilimoya area. Its name was given by the supplier of this unique coffee and refers to the untouched and remote mountain ranges of the area. Virgin mountain coffee is supplied by Mr. Ben Akike, who started his business in 2016 and sice then he has been a loyal supplier to Monpi Coffee.

Mr. Akike’s centre of operation, Virgin Mountain coffee Ltd is located along the Obura Highway approximatively a two and a half hour drive form Goroka town. It is a parchment buying operation and under agreement with a processor in Goroka where the coffee is processed into green beans and delivered to Monpi Coffee Exports.

Most of the coffee trees along the sourrounding mountains are rather old. Coffee was introduced into these highlands from the Aiyura research station in the early 1950’s and a large number of this first trees in this area are still there.

The soil fertility in the area is excellent and limited to nil chemical fertilizers. Composted garden mulch or cherry pulp will be applied in coffee and food gardens. The absence of chemicals is quite practical in nature, as it is expensive and compicated to bring in the area: for many farmers, there is no easy access to roads. This rich loamyclay soil is predomintant in the area, where most of the coffee planted is Arusha and Blue Mountain. The cherry is hand-picked by farmers and the pulping, fermentation and washing is done at their homestead. The parchment is sun dried before being delivered to the buying station of Virgin Mountain supplier-Mr Ben Akike.

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Papua New Guinean Virgin Mountain Gr A/X Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

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